Free Ways to market your business

As startup entrepreneurs, your main goal is to make money. Owning your own company certainly is not ALL about making money, but in the interest of being able to continue your mission or movement, funds are necessary. A business thrive is measured by the gap in between income and expenses.

In the beginning when you are launching products, and growing your social media following it can be hard to determine whether you should include marketing in your budget or leave this piece out for later. Paid marketing is amazing and can have a big return on investment, but remember the key is to keep the gap in between your expenses and income.

As you grow your expenses can and will increase, but so will your income and this is what justifies being able to hire outside help and delegate other tasks to employees. Lucky for those of you who have minimal startup funds there are a few options to market your business for free such as; effective use of social media channels, word of mouth, networking events and blogging.



Setting Goals for 3rd and 4th Quarter

Setting goals are essential to success. If you haven’t read our blog on how to measure growth with analytics, click here now! Now that you have a better understanding of what types of tools you can use to evaluate your website and social media traffic, it is time to set some goals. 1st quarter we all started with big hopes and dreams. Each with a list of New Year’s resolutions in our hands ready to take on the next 365 days.

Around 2nd quarter half of you had fallen off the band wagon if you had even stayed on for that long. Now we are coming to the end of 2nd quarter and it is time to reevaluate once again. 3rd and 4th quarter are just as important as 1st and 2nd if not more. 3rd quarter is when we all catch our second wind and begin to start brainstorming and automating systems to prepare for the hot mess of 4th quarter.