30 Day Accelerator 2:1 Coaching Program

A business coach is like your best friend but without the judgment.

The No. 1 sign that it's time for a coach is when you hit that feeling of being overwhelmed. You are overwhelmed by feeling like there is too much to do and too little hours in the day.

You are overwhelmed by not knowing how much profit you are making at the end of your month. And you are overwhelmed because you don't feel like you have control of your business.

It’s time to get CLEAR on what your business offers, who you help and why all of this even matters.

What can I expect during this 30 day accelerated program?

  • You’ll go outside your comfort zone.
  • You’ll get personal attention from someone who knows your business inside and out.
  • You’ll finally have someone who isn’t afraid of correcting you.
  • You’ll learn how to make your ideas a reality.
  • You’ll gain a needed confidante
  • Your networking opportunities will skyrocket.
  • You’ll make more money.
  • You’ll develop self-confidence.
  • You’ll be held accountable for what really matters.
  • You’ll hear unbiased opinions.

Meet your coaches

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Kelly has been copy writing for over 7 years working with clients to develop six figure products on various platforms such as teachable, shopify, instagram, squarespace and more.

She surpassed her goal of working with over 200 brands in 2017 alone, and is now using her skill set to teach hands on workshops to inspire entrepreneurs to take control of their time, manage their businesses with automated systems and implement proven success strategies.

Her brand; The Spoiled Writer is an expression of the power each entrepreneur has to create the life they want, regardless of who has told them “No”. 

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James is an up and coming life coach with years of real world experience. With a bachelor’s degree in mass communications and psychology he understands how to communicate one’s value and overcome obstacles within oneself. After obtaining his first degree he pursued his love of marketing to complete his MBA.

James works day to day as a marketing manager, and uses his skills as a mindset coach to impart understanding on every person he comes in contact with.

The driving force behind his coaching is the vision he has to help people that struggle with mental and emotional blocks. Growing up in a single parent household, with no male figure to guide him has shaped him into becoming the mentor he wished he had. Connecting people to their purpose and helping the willing become the being. 

You need a coach when you "know" what to do but don't implement. Lack of change typically occurs because you need to experience some paradigm shifts that require someone with an outside perspective challenging your assumptions and because you need someone to help you translate general principles into specific steps that you can take in your own life.

Entrepreneurship is 30% Skill and 70% Mindset.

If you aren’t getting the results that you want in your business. Here’s the solution. 30 Days of accelerated growth, step by step action and mindset transformation.

How do I sign up?