In Person Consultations


are you even real?

This is the first thought that comes to mind when I see a new business on social media! There are so many new entrepreneurs popping up and I have heard many horror stories about people giving their money to people that have no idea what they're doing or do not even fulfill their order. My social media profiles are growing at such a fast rate, that even my profile may look a little "too perfect" to others. In an effort to offer you not only a more personalized experience, but one that you can feel comfortable with I offer in person consultations in Atlanta 2 days per week. 

In person consultations allow for us to build a better relationship as I help your business grow. I can also show you how systems like sales funnels, your website and lead generation can all work specifically for you. ( I like to draw diagrams and pictures). 

There is also an added bonus for me, because I appreciate being able to connect with my clients in person! Call me old school. If you are in Atlanta or will be in the Atlanta area booking an in person consultation with me is always the best option. For those outside of Atlanta, I do travel often and will open up my calendar for other cities based on my stay and availability once I am in the area. 

I look forward to meeting you!