Email List Set Up & Mini Landing Page

Email List Set Up & Mini Landing Page

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The money is in the list! Email marketing has a much higher conversion rate than social media. By persuading your social followers to visit your website and join your list you will be on your way to effectively converting followers in to customers. This email list set up takes care of the technology troubles for you. Included is;

  • Email set up via Mail Chimp

  • Creation of up to 4 separate lists ( If you have more than one brand or want to create segments of your audience)

  • Upload/ Migration of up to 100 subscribers ( If you have emails written down or stored in another system, we can move those all in to one place for you)

  • A mini landing page ( We send you a link that you can list in your bio for visitors to join!)

  • A set of worksheets that will guide you on how to write a welcome sequence for new subscribers

  • A technical tutorial on how to upload your welcome sequence to run automatically and hands free as people join your list

  • A pre-recorded class on creating irresistible freebies and lead magnets to help you grow your list!

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