Lead Generation Kit

Lead Generation Kit

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Building and maintaining an effective lead generation strategy is no easy task.

However, it is also an incredibly rewarding endeavor that will pay off if you are able to execute your plans with precision and efficiency.

To help accelerate your journey and decrease your “time to target”, I have put together a service kit that includes my proven system to generate warm leads and runs automatically. Here's what is included;

  1. Email List Set Up

  2. Lead Magnet to attract potential clientele

  3. A Mini landing page where interested persons can sign up

  4. Suggested list of 4-5 social media live or pre-recorded video topics to generate interest

  5. A set of worksheets that will guide you on how to write a welcome sequence for new subscribers

  6. A technical tutorial on how to upload your welcome sequence to run automatically and hands free as people join your list

*This service is best suited for those with service based businesses, such as make up artists, stylists and etc.

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