3 Lessons We Learned About Business From The Bobby Brown Story

First, let me just say wow. If you are a millenial you may not have known just how intense the life of Bobby Brown actually was/is (he is still living). Of course we know the countless hits he released;

  • “Every Little Step”
  • “Rock Wit’cha”
  • “My Prerogative” (Which was initially spelled incorrectly until Webster became Bobby Brown Fans).
  • “Roni” ( My personal favorite)

And the list goes on.


Thank you to BET for not bombarding us with too many overwhelming commercial breaks because I was literally on the edge of my seat during the entire special. As an entrepreneur everything in your daily life goes in to how you run your business. From simple things such as what you choose to eat, all the way to what you watch on TV which is why I decided to write this article. There are lessons to be learned! This is an opinion article and you may or may not agree and that is okay. Feel free to leave comments below and let’s talk about it, but first here’s the top 5 lessons we learned about business from The Bobby Brown Story.


Lesson #1: Doing business with family isn’t always such a good idea.


When Bobby asked his brother to be his manager we were all ecstatic. It was a BOLD move and who is going to look out for you more than your own family? It seemed like a great choice and started off amazing as we watched Teddy (Bobby’s older brother) take the reigns and really get Bobby on the map. Working with family is a double edged sword. Sometimes it’s great! Sometimes it’s not. Towards the end of night one of the two night special we say Bobby fall into drug addiction and as he was in the process of losing his house his mother began to take out Bobby’s addiction related problems on Teddy (his brother).


Why? Because he was his manager. Putting Teddy in the position to be responsible for Bobby more than the normal brother would. When there’s money involved, there is always going to be conflict eventually. Family business sounds great, but be careful because emotions will fly at some point. When it comes down to it, you would much rather have your family over money so don’t be so quick to combine the two areas of your life. Really think it over.


Lesson #2: Know You’re Worth & Don’t Settle For Less


As obnoxious as some people believed Bobby Brown was he knew what he was worth and never settled for less. Even in his battle with addiction his brother Teddy came to him with the proposal to do a reunion CD with new edition for 1 million, Bobby demanded 6. Some would see this as arrogant, but in my eyes he was simply asking for what he believed his talent was worth. As absurd as the numbers sound the principal still stands, when you do business the world will take you at your estimate. When you have established your own worth and back your belief with hard work, preparation and a great team success is yours for the taking.


Lesson #3: Just Because You Have Built Something Great Does Not Mean There’s Not Something Greater Waiting For You.


We often get stuck in a rut. Whether it’s at our day job, as a student in the classroom or even on the entrepreneurial journey. We think that once we come up with our “million dollar idea” we have peaked and the world has nothing else to offer us. We put this idea on a pedestal. Wait for it. Pray for it and when it comes we relish in it. There are thousands of great ideas that can profit millions of dollars. You may have not just one, but two or three of them, but if you stop searching for greatness once you feel you have obtained it, you will never know what else is out there for you.


When Bobby brought together New Edition he probably felt as if that was his “big break”, but as we saw in the beginning of the Bobby Brown Story that soon came to an end. He went back and forth for the first 30 minutes of the special deciding whether to be upset about being kicked out of the group or to go solo. Eventually we saw him make the decision to go out on his own as a solo artist and he caught yet another “big break”. The same can be said about business. You may start a company that makes six figures and one day feel like it’s not for you anymore and that’s okay! Life is what you make it. You have what it takes inside of you to make anything great. It’s all about your attitude and the pursuit of success.

There were definitely more lessons to be shared, but these 3 sum up what stood out to me. Hopefully you watched the special and enjoyed it as much as I did! If you noticed a good business lesson somewhere in the show feel free to leave a comment below and share with your business besties. Thanks for reading.