The Keys to starting on low funds

When you first decide to start a business, you may think that you need a lot of money. When you factor in the cost of products, packaging, shipping and building a website. Although there are some upfront costs there a few says you can save your money and still create a decent start up for your idea. Spending money when you are in the beginning process of building is all about identifying what skills you can learn, what tasks are too challenging for you to do alone, giving yourself a budget and being strategic with every dollar you have.

In theory, you could apply for a business loan and pay for your products, if you are a product based business, website, equipment and marketing. In this case you would be in debt as soon as you begin and this situation is not ideal. There are quite a few items that need to be setup when you begin and first making a list of those will help you identify the areas where you may need to spend money. For example, getting on social media and growing a following will be on the start up list for most companies. Even if you are not good at social media, for most people this is something you can learn to do, at least until you start bringing in some money.

Spending money on social media management from the start may not be the best choice. On the other hand, there are some people who are terrible and know nothing at all about social media but for instance can build a website. In this case, spending money on social media management and building your own website is a great way to spend some of your start up funds. The money you save from being able to build your own website in turn is a great investment for building your audience on social media, because it is something you have no idea how to do.

The key here is to only spend money on things that you absolutely are not good at or are not willing to learn. Of course you have to be flexible with yourself and put forth some effort into learning new things in order to save some money. Watching tutorials online about website building may help close the gap in between what you do know how to do and what you do not know how to do. Simply by putting forth the effort to learn a bit more you can be saving yourself thousands of dollars that can be spent on other things that have too big of a learning curve.

Giving yourself a budget will also help you when starting on low funds. Decide exactly how much you want to spend. Segment that amount to the different areas of your business that need to be up and running for your launch. Stick to your budget and be strict on yourself. You may need to skip a few amenities when you are first starting, to not break your budget. This key is to use as little as possible to begin creating income and once you do, you can invest into the bigger toys and software later.


No one starts a business with everything they need to make a million dollars. You start small and you build. For example, a lot of the software available to small business owners online all have a free version or trial period. Starting with this version will allow you to get the feel of the tools and if you are able to create some income, the tool is then worth the investment and you can use a portion of that income to upgrade and make more money.

Being strategic with the money you have set in your budget will help you think outside of the box when it comes to growing your business. When you get creative, you set yourself apart and customers appreciate your uniqueness. You will save more money this way and generate income that will help you reinvest and further grow your passion. Never think that you have to have a big bundle of money to begin building your empire. Notably, when you do begin to make income, remember that reinvesting in your business is a must. If you do not invest in yourself, customers will not invest in you. You have to pay to play!  income, remember that reinvesting in your business is a must. If you do not invest in yourself, customers will not invest in you. You have to pay to play!