Define your brand's mission

In a few sentences describe what your business does for your customers and why. We know this can be a mouthful. If need be you can write a longer statement (no more than two paragraphs) and afterward go back and edit it down to a maximum of 5 sentences. Your mission should be concise enough to be printed on the back of a hang tag, or on the side of packaging labels. Many companies use their brand mission for this reason. Unfortunately, blogs, drop shipping businesses, hair selling empires and even real estate agents fail to take the time to write a brand mission.

I do not mean to call anyone out, but let’s be honest. When is the last time you discovered a company via social media that provided any of the services I just listed AND had a clear and easy to find brand mission? You do not have to be a nonprofit out to save the world to have a brand mission. If your business was started out of passion (which it should have been) then you have enough information to write a brand mission. Even if all you do is order products wholesale and rebrand them for resell, you need to have a brand mission. Consumers want to know why you do what you do. Give your customers a reason to care! Otherwise, they won’t. No one is going out of their way to throw their money at someone they do not know and do not feel for in some capacity.

Businesses without a brand mission are missing out on the opportunity to turn one-time purchasers into lifelong customers. If you have a brand mission and it is nowhere visible on your website or social media, you are just as bad as someone who does not have one. In all seriousness, if you sell physical products and nowhere in your packaging includes your brand mission you are in the same boat as someone who has no brand mission at all. These words may be harsh, but believe me, the sharpening of a knife is not comfortable, but the result is impeccable.  Write your brand mission. Make it visible.