You need a target audience, niche AND ideal client

This piece of advice is one of the most repeated EVER. I tell every client I encounter that they need to determine their target audience, niche, and ideal client. It is impossible to run a valuable marketing campaign with a maximum return on investment without defining these three elements of your business. Each element is related to the next but different in its own way. Niche is your specialty. The target audience is the group of people inside your specialty. The ideal client is the perfect person to purchase your products or services inside that group of people. For example, if a business sells make up their niche may be all natural products. Their target audience may be millennials, and their ideal client may be a college student that is concerned about the environment and cruelty-free products.

Determining all three of these areas is vital to designing a successful marketing campaign. If the makeup business was to market only to their niche, their products will most likely exist among millions of others and a customer may never even encounter your brand because you are not setting yourself apart in anyway. Let’s say the makeup business markets to their niche of all natural products and millennials as their target audience but not their ideal client. The company will receive good leads and some purchases, but there will be big holes in their sales funnel and sales will not be consistent. Although millennials do purchase beauty products that are all natural there is no pressing necessity for the average millennial to choose a cruelty-free product over an average product.

On the other hand, if the makeup company markets to their niche of all natural makeup products, their target audience of millennials and their ideal client that is concerned about the environment their ads will show much more promise. The overlap of all three of these elements creates an ad that is marketed to someone who will only be products that this company sells because they prefer no other option. The goal is to present your product to someone who will 9/10 purchase. Focusing your marketing efforts will give you a better return on ad investment. Describe your target audience, niche, and ideal client.