Website & Social media; the heart of your brand

That link better be in your bio! Otherwise, you are losing a ton of customers. There is no point in creating great content and gaining a mass of followers if you are not planning to monetize your influence. Unless you find enjoyment in building social media profiles for free. In which case, you would not be reading this article. Being an entrepreneur is about doing what you love on your own terms, but for you to continue doing what you love you will have to learn to monetize somewhere. A website is where you house all your products and services.

Even better yet, a website is your virtual assistant before you reach the point at which you should hire an actual virtual assistant. Your website should be set up to educate your customer with content in your blog, answer your customer’s questions on your FAQ page, offer your customer solutions for purchase on your products page and offer them a freebie on the subscribe page. Essentially through automation, your website should run itself. Initially, you will want to launch nothing more than a landing page while you are still in the process of developing your website and growing your social media. A basic website should have the following 6 pages

1.       Home

2.       Blog

3.       Services/Products

4.       Contact Us

5.       FAQ

6.       Subscribe/ Special events or launches

Write the content for each of these pages and when you are ready to create your website all you need to do is type things up and paste them where they belong. Writing beforehand makes the website building process easier. Especially for someone who is not a professional website builder.

Honestly social media should have been one of the first strides you took in branding your company. Building a following takes time. Even at my highest efficiency I only gained a maximum of 100 followers a day. High numbers are great but true conversion is measured by the level of engagement that is taking place. Conversion is the percentage rate at which followers from Instagram visit your website and make a purchase. Of course, conversion rates vary from business to business.

As I stated before conversion is heavily influenced by engagement. There are Instagram pages with 1 million followers that have posts that only receive 300 likes. This is a sign that conversion is low. No matter how many followers you have, if you are not engaging with your potential consumers your conversion rate is going to be low. Posting good content is not enough. Get on your social media and get active! Whether you end up paying for branding through a boutique, brand coaching or DIY, understanding the process is important. What goes into branding has a significant impact on your customer. Put time into your logo. Back your logo with great content, consumer engagement, and a well put together website. You want to give your customer butterflies when they see your logo. Each piece of branding is just as important as the next. What you put into your business branding will directly affect your sales and website traffic.