How to define your brand personality & Create a logo

This is where you can use your imagination. It may sound weird to give your brand a personality, but believe it or not, if you don’t do it your consumers will. Deciding your brand colors plays a big factor in this portion of your DIY brand. A gothic brand would not use pink on their website. Vice versa a girly brand most likely would not make use of the color black. Is your brand sassy, straightforward, nice and sweet or punk rock? Deciding the personality of your brand will help you better create an overall image. Your customers will want to be friends with your business. What type of friends would your ideal client have? In a short paragraph describing your brand as if it were a person.

This portion of branding can be something you outsource if you have a specific image of what you would like your logo to be. If you have no idea I suggest using a program such as Canva to give you a starting point. Canva is free and easy to use. Logos evolve over time, so do not get stuck on the idea that what you choose as your first logo will be your logo forever. Although you do need to be wary of changing your logo too many times. You do not want to confuse your customers. A few general rules to keep in mind, a logo should be simple.

Anything too complicated will translate as overbearing. Eventually, you will most likely want to print your logo on various items such as T-shirts, notebooks, stickers, flyers, etc. Too many colors will make this hard to translate across multiple platforms. If you are going to attempt to use an image as a part of your logo, be sure the image is high definition and clearly defines what you do. There is nothing more confusing than looking at a logo and thinking a business does one thing and then going on to explore their website and realizing you were wrong. Design your logo. Do not over think it. Do not overdesign it.