Lead Magnet/ Freebie

Lead Magnet/ Freebie


how do you get people to sign up to your list in the first place?

Answer: Lead Magnet Ideas, AKA Email Opt In, AKA Freebie, AKA Signup Incentive. There are many terms for it, but ultimately it comes down to the same thing – giving people something of value to them in exchange for their email address.

As an added bonus, it gives you something more to promote over social media than just your products or services – Making it easier to sell to them down the road.

Many small businesses make the mistake of simply having a signup for their “Newsletter”. Please don’t be one of them! The truth is with “newsletters” people will only sign up if they really, really, really, love you, and they will likely buy anyway! As a self-described “signup junkie”, even I don’t signup for those that just say newsletters – my inbox is full enough! All I see when I see the word newsletter is “information I will get from you on social media anyway, so why would I need to clog my inbox even more.”

So, you need to give a very good reason to signup. Fortunately, instead of spending hours on end creating one yourself, you can order a fully designed PDF freebie custom to your brand and market.

Here’s a few things you may want to know;

  • These freebies are made for ANY TYPE OF BUSINESS.

  • No two freebies are the same.

  • Your logo can be included.

  • You can order multiple if needed.

  • Freebies are emailed to you as a PDF that can be offered through any website service as a downloadable file

  • Freebies/ Lead Magnets can be sold as a digital product if you would like to

  • Current turn around time is 3 business days

  • Once order is complete you will be sent a link to complete a form where you can enter in all of your brand colors

  • You do not need an idea for the freebie to order this. (we do all the work for you)

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