Kick Starter Bundle

Kick Starter Bundle


Includes 17 videos of varying lengths 39 minutes to over an hour long each. There is a lot to learn! Below are the titles of each; 

Passion to Profit (How to take your ideas and turn them into money)

Instagram Growth Strategy Master Class

How To Build a Following When You Have No Products

How Followers Become Paying Customers (From Social media to Paying Customer)

How to Know When It Is Time For a Rebrand

Shopify Vs. Squarespace (Which Platform is Best For Your Business?)

20 Things You Should Be Doing If You Want To Take Your Business Seriously

How To Attract Clientele

How To Turn Customers Into Life Long Clients

How To Create Irresistible Products

How To Create Irresistible Freebies

How and When To Market Your Business

Intro To Sales Funnels (What The Heck Are They? And How Do I Make One?)

How To Attract Leads In To Your Sales Funnel

Sales Funnel Question and Answer Session

Canva 101 Tutorial

Business Mindset Matters ( Knowing Your Self Worth)

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