Are you ready for your service based business to thrive?

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Have you recently started a service business and need help finding where to start?

  • Are you a;

  • Coach

  • Real estate agent

  • Accountant

  • Baby sitter

  • Freelance sitter

  • Branding agency

  • Photographer

  • Consultant

  • Corporate trainer

  • Hair Stylist

  • Or any other custom service business ?

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How do I grow my Instagram profile?

Where do I get content ideas from?

What about standing out? There are so many people that do what I do!

How can I increase traffic to my website?


Starting a service based business is one of the lowest cost ways to become an entrepreneur. I ran my first service based business for less than $50/ month and generated an income of an extra $1,000 every 20-25 days. That is an amazing return! (Of course this was 8 years ago). Now I have learned the ropes of entrepreneurship and was able to double, triple and quadruple my income enough to leave my day job. Numbers like this are possible for you too!

Even if you don’t intend to leave your day job, being able to run a profitable service business as a side hustle will give you freedom to do other things like pay for your children to attend college, family vacation, and take care of a few bills too.

Doesn’t that sound nice?

Digital Dollars is a summary of the lessons I learned running my service based business on limited funds with a six figure vision. I wanted to improve the lifestyle of as many people as I could and I know that you do too! Service based entrepreneurs are unlike any other type of business owner. We get in to business because we CARE and the ability to reach more people maximizes the potential to share our gifts with the world.



This 6 week program breaks down the steps needed to build a foundation for your business that will result in profit, not just revenue.


Week 1: Finding your why & Branding

Week 2: Defining your target market

Week 3: Packaging and pricing your services

Week 4: Standing out in the online world

Week 5: Content planning

Week 6: Audience Growth Via Social Channels

Each week I will hold a private webinar as well as release a new list of tasks and resources to assist in building your brand. Our exclusive community will be hosted on a password protected area of Questions and answers will be open through out the 6 week course and each student will be assigned an accountability partner. 


Ready to get started?

*Open enrollment ends on May 20th. Class starts May 21st.

Is this for you?

Digital Dollars is for relatively new (less than 1 year in business)  professional service providers with minimal experience using digital platforms to generate income and qualified leads. If you have been in business for more than a year and generate a decent income using social media platforms as well as digital strategies this 6 week program is not for you.