What services do you provide?

 We write;

-          Blog content

-          Social media posts

-          Business plans

-          Grants

-          E-books

-          Digital products

-          How-to guides

-          Project proposals

-          Market analysis

-          Competition analysis

-          Anything you can dream. We put words to your ideas!


What is the typical turnaround time?


Turnaround time varies for different products. Most projects are completed within 30 days or less. Smaller requests can be completed in as little as 24 hours.


How many blog posts should I post per week?


The amount varies for different businesses. We suggest anywhere in between 1-3 posts. If you are launching a product soon lean more towards 3 to up the ante for your subscribers.


Should my business have a blog?


Absolutely. Every business no matter what you sell should have a blog. Blogs help increase SEO and the likelihood that someone you had no intentions of reaching will find your business and become a loyal consumer.


Are you a business coach?


Nope! I am a copy writer. I produce thought provoking content that makes people think smarter not harder about the way they do business.


Do you develop digital products?


Yes! We love hearing new ideas and are willing to develop digital products centered around your business and clientele that you can release and make residual profit from. Send us an email and we’d love to chat.


Do you have samples that I can see?


Of Course! Send us an email and we’d love to show you what we’re made of.


I’m a business coach. Do you offer affiliate marketing if I refer my clients to you?


Yes! We love to be in cahoots with coaches. Send us an email and we will get you affiliate marketing information and talk business.