Are You Ready To Generate Leads 24/7 In Your Sleep?

I have designed a model website as an example of what a starter lead generating website looks like. As an agent it is important to have leads coming in consistently. Your success depends on sourcing quality leads and giving great customer service. Having a strongpersonal brand is vital. 

Although when you first become an agent you have the option to be listed on your brokers website it is not the best option available. Having your own website at your own web address will solidify your presence on the web and allow you to create a customized space around the way YOU do business.

I have designed a starter lead generating website at an affordable price that takes the guesswork out of sourcing leads and gets your business running on automated systems to work while you sleep.

Although this is a starter site once I have built and delivered your site to you, there are hundreds of customization features and add-ons you can apply to make your website truly your own. The key is to take full ownership and be proud of your home on the web. The more your website personifies your brand the more likely you will attract leads that want to work with you for who you are and not just a price tag or company front. 

Click HERE to view the model website.

Keep in mind there can be customization to fit your brand. In order to offer this amazing deal at an affordable price I had to place some restrictions on the build. See below for more details on what is included, what can and cannot be changed.


  • Home page (With inspiration pictures/ personal branding pictures or home inspiration).
  • About me ( You can submit an already written bio or answer an interview sheet and I will write one for you).
  • Contact (Includes a Client intake and General Inquiry form, you can add up to 3 additional specific questions on the intake).
  • Blog Set-up
  • Subscription Box set-up (I will connect the email box to a free MailChimp account unique to you where all emails recieved can be stored).
  • A Lead magnet ( This will be hooked to the Subscription box with a tag line and set up to deliver automatically upon email submission)

Turn around time : 3 Weeks or less

Not Included

  • Current properties with pricing
  • Blog articles (only the blog page itself will be created with a coming soon notation)
  • No added or substitute pages during the build


If you would rather not get your hands dirty in the technical side of things you can purchase monthly maintenance as an add on for only $49/month. With maintenance you receive 1 New blog post per month, 3 Hot or New properties listed with pricing and details and a monthly email written to your subscribers. I will upload the email and schedule it to send automatically.