Systems Inquiry

Please fill out the inquiry form below. Systems instillation ranges in price. We like to keep things transparent. See detailed pricing below.



Monthly Blog management

  • 4 Blog posts
  • Scheduled to post automatically
  • Each post contains 500-700 words
  • Topics can be provided or selected by our team to fit your audience


Monthly Email Communication

  • 4 Emails 
  • Scheduled to send automatically
  • Each email uploaded and designed to match your brand with custom signature graphics
  • Topics can be provided or selected by our team to fit your audience


Monthly Content Calendar

  • 60 Instagram Posts
  • Curated to your brand colors and audience
  • Posts are scheduled to a content calendar accessible by any mobile device ready for posting
  • Access to a Google Drive folder to utilize the social media posts on any platform
  • Captions and hashtags included on each post


Sales Funnel

  • Each funnel is designated to lead to a specific product
  • A custom designed freebie to attract new leads/ customers
  • 3 emails centered around your product offering
  • Each email will be scheduled and designed in an email management software of your choice
  • Sales funnels are a one time instillation and require little to no maintenance, once we install the funnel it will run automatically


Starter System (For any business that has a digital product, but no set up/ marketing)

  • Freebie/ lead magnet
  • Mini landing page set up for download
  • Email list set up 
  • 4 email long series written, designed. Uploaded and scheduled to run automatically to potential customers as they each sign up "Welcome Series"
  • Sales page written to convert email readers into buyers of your highlighted digital product (we do not create the product itself, only the sales page)
  • 14 promotional posts to promote your freebie and email list