21 Day Keto Challenge

21 Day Keto Challenge


Are you ready to be healthy? Try something new. A diet that actually allows you to eat as much meat and cheese as you want. Yea, sounds great huh? It is! I’ve been on the keto diet myself in cycles many times before and each time I loose weight, enjoy myself AND stay full.

I’m not in to starvation diets with crazy workout plans and unrealistic daily routines. The ketogenic diet is NOT that. With this 21 day challenge I invite you to try the diet for yourself and join a community of like minded women on the same journey. Included in this challenge is a 22 page PDF that includes;

  • Recipes

  • Grocery List

  • Diet Background

  • Macros Counting Chart

  • Facebook group of supportive women

The next challenge starts soon!

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